Welcome to Sandra Backovich, MA, MFT

The first question I might ask my client is “How can I help you?"

Whether suffering from loss, struggling with depression, fighting an eating disorder, or experiencing distress in relationships, I help my clients effectively share and work with unresolved emotional pain, seeking to explore deeper core issues that will allow healing, self acceptance and change.

We begin with building safety and security in our therapeutic, as well as real, connection through my attunement and attention to your needs and emotions. I pay close watch over what occurs between us and in ourselves, to arrive at the emotional and relational issues that we need to work with together. The healing occurs because of and within the therapeutic relationship as we explore issues that have compromised how you live your life. Through our work together, which includes support, understanding, genuine, honest feedback and attunement to the deeper core states of emotions, we will awaken in you old and new capacities allowing you to be who you are.